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Where in the World?

Our established relationships worldwide and ongoing research of new and unique properties ensure you receive the greatest value every time.

We know what it takes to plan and produce a successful event. After determining your objectives, we do extensive research to identify the ideal destination, venue and setting.

At no cost to you, we will source the perfect venue and negotiate a contract that puts the client first.

Choosing the optimal location for your next exclusive corporate or group event is integral to its success.

We act as a liaison among stakeholders. Accordingly, we will develop Request for Proposals (RFPs), collecting responses from qualified suppliers and negotiating the best possible value.

We never book what we haven’t seen. Accordingly, we conduct in-depth site visits of the destinations and venues on the final short list. We know how to achieve a win-win for all parties, while representing and protecting your interests.

As the client, you are always the final decision maker.